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Please click each title to view further information. If you require a service that is not listed here, please contact us to discuss a solution. We offer our services throughout all of Ontario.

• Infidelity surveillance

• Insurance claims

• Accidental injury claims

• Family matters/wellness checks

• Monitor family activities

• Mobile/Foot surveillance

• Mystery Shopping

• Track the moves of suspicious individuals

• Locate and serve individuals

• Obtain signatures

• Video/Photo proof of delivery

• Affidavit of Service

• OSINT Investigations

• Deep/Dark web searches

• Social media review

• Potential hire insight

• Ministry approved training course
• Ontario TCN 
provided upon completion
• Trainer assistance as required
• Fully completed online at your own pace

• Available Canada-wide

• Locate missing individuals

• Find runaway debtors

• Locate birth parents

• Locate a long-lost friend or family member

• Find a beneficiary

• Locate an individual who has walked out on support payments

• Locate residence

• Determine place of employment

• Verify employment

• Interview new employees

• Harassment case interviews

• Gather witness statements

• Discover if an individual is the subject of surveillance

• Watch for harassing stalkers
• Perform on-site searches for hidden camera/video

• Perform vehicle sweeps for hidden GPS devices

• Surveillance with photos/video

• Witness interviewing
• Claimant interviewing
• Social media monitoring/profile building

• Undercover investigations

Thunder Bay private investigator

Hidden Lynx Investigations always works in accordance with the law and abides by all regulations set out in the Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA). There are limitations to what private investigators can do. Read more...

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