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We understand that hiring a private investigator might be a difficult decision to make. Our team is aware that some situations can be sensitive or even emotional in nature and so we always take a very nonjudgmental approach to assisting you in figuring out which services might best suit your unique needs! Every inquiry is kept confidential.

If you aren't quite ready to contact us yet, and don't know which services you might require, we encourage you to explore some of our most common inquiries below.
Hover over an option below to explore the Hidden Lynx services you might be able to utilize.

I need to find someone

They might be hiding

Your best option for locating someone who doesn't want to be found, would be skip-tracing. We will be able to search through online resources, conduct interviews and even include surveillance to verify the individual's whereabouts.

We just lost contact

We can reconnect you with the person who you've lost touch with. We can conduct an online research investigation and locate the individual.

It's a missing person

Please file a missing person report with your local police. Once you have done this, we can assist you through skip-tracing and online research methods as well as physical location searching.

Is my partner cheating on me?

Surveillance will be the option you need. We can monitor your partner's activities and see where they go when you're not around. Photos can be taken for evidence.

Find out where they go

Who do they visit

After conducting surveillance to determine where your partner has been going, we can often gather further details for you regarding who the individual is that they have been spending time with.

I need to serve court documents

I have their address

This will be a process serving request. We will visit the other party at their residence or place of employment and serve them with your documents.

I don't know the address

We will need to perform skip-tracing services first in order to find the other party's address for service. Once we have an address we can attend their residence or place of employment to serve them with your documents.

I'm being followed or watched

We can perform counter-surveillance to determine if you are really being followed/watched or if it is possibly just a coincidence that you are seeing the same person over and over.

Find out if it's true

After we have performed counter-surveillance to determine if you are in fact being watched/followed, we have methods of obtaining information to discover who this individual is.

Who are they

Who is my partner talking to

The short answer to this inquiry is "no, Hidden Lynx is not permitted to do this; no one is." It is illegal to hack into someone's phone or account. There are other ways for us to help you determine this information though, such as with surveillance.

Hack into a phone

Use GPS tracking

GPS tracking IS legal, however, you must be the sole registered owner of the vehicle you wish to track.

Still not sure what you need? Contact us! We can figure it out with you and come up with a plan. Consultations are always confidential and free of charge!

For your convenience, we are available via website chat, email, phone, text or mail.

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