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Hired Help (Skip-tracing can help you)

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

You move to another city for employment and decide to turn your former residence into an income property… Tenants move in, rent is being paid on time, and all is well. Then one day, the rent stops coming, the tenants stop answering their phones, and you’re left worrying and wondering. What do you do? Who do you call? You’re several hours away, you can’t just swing by on your lunch-break. You try contacting old contacts, but nobody has any answers and there’s no signs of activity at the house. You call the Landlord Tenant Board and Small Claims Court, but they’re of no help unless you can find the tenants…

You mention it to a colleague over lunch one day, and they suggest you hire a private investigator to track down your rogue tenants. Seems simple enough, right? But how do you decide which agency to hire?… There are so many options, and what the heck is Skip-trace?… In this segment we will help you better understand what to look for when hiring a professional agency to track down your rogue tenants or even that scoundrel business partner and your very expensive company property.

First things first, what services do you require? Skip-tracing is the process of locating a person, people, or business that have vanished, often having left behind debts and/or taken valuable property with them. Hiring an expert in the field is important, not only to get the desired results, but to also save you money. Although a private investigator cannot recover these monies for you, they can track down the dead-beat debtors and even act as process servers by serving them with your prepared court documents.

You’ve narrowed down the list of potential agencies to a few candidates, now what? Are the potential agencies licensed, insured, and authorized to perform this service? At Hidden Lynx Investigations, we are a fully licensed, fully insured, locally owned and operated private investigation agency.

As per the PSISA (Private Security and Investigative Services ACT), all persons operating as a private investigator are to be in possession of a valid license, carry it with them at all times while on duty, and must identify themselves and present their license to anyone that asks to see it. Their license classification and number is also available at:

All licensed agencies contact information, license number and business license expiration dates are also available on the Ministry of the Solicitor General website.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making the right decision, a well thought-out and thoroughly analyzed decision. You’re hiring someone to help you find people that don’t want to be found, so why not hire the best person for the job - the fully licensed and insured investigators at Hidden Lynx Investigations.

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